Tanoshiku sasete ageru.

I wear the cheese, it does not wear me.

Who's Asking?
1 August
So... I like music. Lots of music. Japanese, British, Middle Eastern, Indian... everything from death vocals to technopop. I love books- Harry Potter, Dark is Rising, Lord of the Rings, Good Omens, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Shows like Buffy, Dead Like Me, Red Dwarf, and Carnivale are plastered on my TV screen. I have a weakness for anything Japanese- music, movies (Shissou, anyone?), books and food. Definately food. I speak a mixture of Buffyisms, British slang and Japanese. I belong to the Church of Nerdness, wherein I worship Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, Mana, John Cleese and Saint Spock. I'm a history buff (Tudor is my thing), and I write. I love to write. In fact, I seem to do nothing but write. Oh, and eat curry.

Random Jrock/Manga Craziness From My Younger Yearse:

For Jrock, I've Claimed:

La'Cryma Christi jrock_bands
Buck-Tick jrock_bands
Pride of Mind jrock_bands
Mana's Closet and Everything in It jrocker_claims
All of Levin and Everything He Owns jrocker_claims
Rakuen (banned version) by Buck-Tick claim_jrocksong
Quarter Void by D'espairsRay claim_jrocksong
Lost Complex by Iceman claim_jrocksong
Baptism of Blood by Malice Mizer claim_jrocksong
Love Light [I Feel Your Breath] by Pride of Mind claim_jrocksong
Shy by La'Cryma Christi claim_jrocksong
Life by La'Cryma Christi claim_jrocksong
Vizard by Moi Dix Mois claim_jrocksong
Ouka Ranmen PV by Kagrra jrock_pvs
Lhasa (Unplugged) PV by La'Cryma Christi jrock_pvs

In Manga, I Own:
Angel Sanctuary
Inorganic Angel Rosiel's virginity virginity_claim
Seguchi Touma's Hat gravi_claims
Sakuma Ryuichi's Singing Voice gravi_claims
Fujisaki Suguru x Seguchi Touma pairing gravi_claims
Sanzo's robes saiyuki_claims
Nii's glasses saiyuki_claims
HakkaixSanzo pairing saiyuki_claims
Nii Jyeni saiyukiclaims

Btw, all writings and ideas copyright Aiseki Anrui 2007, unless otherwise stated.